I'm Ron Tucker and this is my sketch blog.

Hey hey! You've found my sketch blog. I'm a cartoonist and here you'll find art from book I'm working, hope to work and, probably will never work on, and just a silly sketches thrown in for good measure!!

If you like any of this stuff, be sure to check out my links below, I've left residue of myself all over the interweb.

Be Awesome!!

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The UMI boys talking Star Wars. This is a panel from a single page comic I’ll be putting out soon too promote #UrbanMythInvestigators #makecomics #comics

"A person is a fool to become a writer…"

Urban Myth Investigators and the re-boot of Hold The Pickles is rolling along.

Random sketch idea. Some type of space character. Kind of Dr. Manhattan mixed with Silver Surfer maybe. Idk…


Many of these rates (before taxes, might I add) haven’t changed in 20 years. $100-$250 in 1994 aint the same as in 2014. This is why Comic Book Conventions for many comic illustrators, in many cases, are the lifeblood of their comic making (commissions, direct fan interaction books sales). 

Support your local mainstream or indie comic artist!!!!

Source: http://www.ehow.com/info_8068093_much-artist-make-per-project.html

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