I'm Ron Tucker

Hey! You've found my sketch blog. I'm a cartoonist and here you'll find art from book I'm working, hope to work and, probably will never work on, and just a silly sketches thrown in for good measure!!

If you like any of this stuff, be sure to check out my links below, I've left residue of myself all over the interweb.

Be Awesome!!

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#inktober day 1. Pulp hero I’ve had a couple ideas for.

Chris Pratt IS Cutlery. In theaters summer 2018 #cutlerycomic #funwithphotoshop

Update 4 - Kirby jam piece. Can you name them all? #RT3sketchbook #kingkirby #marvel #dc #newgods #eternals #xmen #ff #youngromance

Update 3 on Kirby Jam Piece. Enough inking for today. #RT3sketchbook #kingkirby #mistermiraclerocks

Update 2 on my Kirby Jam piece. Everytime I think I’m set on who I want in it, another creation comes to mind. Also, I think I’m gonna watercolor this one.

Any guesses on who’ll be in it? Right now I’m at 25 kirby creations. Man, that guy was prolific. Guess that’s why they call him the king.

#RTsketchbook #kingkirby #longlivetheking (at Fortress of Solitude)