I'm Ron Tucker and this is my sketch blog.

Hey hey! You've found my sketch blog. I'm a cartoonist and here you'll find art from book I'm working, hope to work and, probably will never work on, and just a silly sketches thrown in for good measure!!

If you like any of this stuff, be sure to check out my links below, I've left residue of myself all over the interweb.

Be Awesome!!

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Dancing Groot. Becuase we can all use a little dancing Groot.


Okay, I have asked this question a good while ago, but am asking it a little differently.

I am asked to give my opinion on comics, art, all sorts of things from new creators all the time. I always try to be kind, but honest. I feel like only being kind does no one any good. I don’t want to be…

They way you say you go about it I think, at least imo, is most helpful.

Years ago I was showing my portfolio and Peter Steigerwald reviewed it. His first words were “Okay, you’ve got a long ways to go” and I just thought to myself, “oh boy, here it comes”.

But as he went over everything that was wrong, he didn’t belittle anything I did (even though looking back on it, I wouldn’t blame him now if he did), but he gave me what I feel is the definition of constructive critism, while not dashing any hopes I have.

Looking back on it, I’ve always appreciated that, both from a professional level and an aspiring creator level.

Rule 63 Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.




Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles watercolor #turtlepower #heroesinahalfshell